Best Wheelie Games Motorcycle
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Best Wheelie Games Motorcycle

List of the Best Wheelie Games Motorcycle You Should Try

Best Wheelie Games Motorcycle

Best Wheelie Games Motorcycle, if you are into driving or ricing games, then you will like this wheelie games. Wheelie games are a bunch of games collection about riding and stunting that can be played online for free. Players have to pull up the front wheel off the ground in order to win the games. These games are good game options for those who want to experience exciting atmosphere by performing wheelie style.

Wheelie games are basically just racing and stunt simulators. Therefore, you don’t have to be worried about breaking and crashing the motorcycle. There are also wheelie games that available for kids that can be played online. Wheelie games are also available in bicycle mode and motorcycle mode. Here are the lists of best wheelie games motorcycle to play.

What is Wheelie Games?

Wheelie is one of the basic stunt style which the bikers ride on the bike by pulling the front wheel off the ground. This unique style on riding a bicycle actually has been invented in 1880s by Daniel Canary, a former telegraph messenger from the U.S.A. Edward Canary himself actually had tried a lot of stunt style previously such as flip with his bike, ride without hands and many more.

After wheelie has been invented in the 1880s, the wheelie games have also been launched on the internet and can be played online. This game offers its players with unique opportunity to try performing wheelie which is quite challenging in real life. By playing wheelie games online, you can do a wheelie just by holding your finger on the screen.

It can be said that wheelie games are basically racing and stunt simulators for those who love to experience something challenging. You have to increase the speed of your bike way uphill then slide down right after you reach the uphill. In order to play wheelie games on the internet, every players don’t need to registration nor pay for it.

List of Popular Wheelie Games Motorcycle

  1. Moto X3M 2

In Moto X3M, players have to ride amazing motorcycle on the road with various obstacles while performing hokijoss wheelie style. You will be brought to the snowy mountains that have many obstacles. You have to maintain wheelie position while ride as fast as you can in order to increase points. The players also need to perform various stunt style such as back flip in the air and others.

  1. Moto X3M released Moto X3M which has various of exciting circuits in it. Here, the players need to maintain their balance position in an insane circuit. Therefore, every players have to master every death – defying stunts to face fake – outs, traps and other obstacles on the way. You have to reach the finish line in a short amount of time.

  1. Moto X3M 5: Pool Party

This is amazingly fun bike racing game that asks the players to race as fast as they can while maintaining wheelie position. This is a fifth sequel to the amazing wheelie games collection that have been released previously.

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