The Best Wheelie Games
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The Best Wheelie Games You Should Play

The Best Wheelie Games You Should Play

The Best Wheelie Games

The Best Wheelie Games ,every Wheelie games have a striking similarity: Vehicle-driving simulators with best time and speed records for all players involved. The Wheelie game series have also been popular that they are available in hokiku88 website, mobile application, and gaming console versions.

There have been many sequels and versions of different styles of the Wheelie games. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best Wheelie games you should play, alone or with your closest ones.

The first best Wheelie games you should play is the Moto Racer 4. Like its name, this game available on PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch, focuses on the motorcycles as the main Wheelie types.

Character Creation Part

From the character creation part, we can say that Moto Racer 4 is one of the most straightforward Wheelie games. Unlike other Wheelie games where you may get lost in customizing how the Wheelies and the riders look, you need to consider each riders and the Wheelies’ strengths and weaknesses on roads.

Moto Racer 4 is also one of the Wheelie games with the smoothest, high-quality graphics and motions. Not stopping there, this game serie by Artefacts Studio, a French-based gaming studio, is also among the most interactive ones with more than 2 players support and support on close-to-reality tools such as the PS VR headsets.

If you are tired in experiencing lots of in-game glitches due to the weak internet connections, yet still want to have experiences in playing the best Wheelie games, now is the time to turn to the 2D versions of the Wheelie games.

2D Versions

Not all of the 2D versions of the Wheelie games have ugly graphics. In fact, the Wheelie game series as in the Wheelie Bike 2 by RiverGames Oy, a Finland-based game developer, have one of the most beautiful and understandable gaming interfaces.

By “gaming interfaces”, we don’t only mean the in-game graphics. Instead, the texts, such as “Crashed”, “Air Wheelie”, and many other Wheelie game terminologies, are also written in vivid color fonts and understandable throughout the in-game actions.

Bikes, the main Wheelie types of the Wheelie Bike series, are also closely related to environmentally-friendly Wheelies. Almost every terrains in the Wheelie Bike series involve on the nature-friendly environments. Such as the forests, snowfields, and many other more, which enhance the unique environmentally-friendly feels these Wheelie game series have.

3D Versions

Since there are many types of Wheelies available for players to choose from. There are also sequels where other types of Wheelies are the superstars. The next Wheelie superstars we want to cover are the cars.

Even though it’s one of the most popular PS games, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series are not the only series that have car Wheelies. After all, Wheelies are not the central themes of the GTA series. Even though many in-game cars such as the Sabre Turbo are capable of doing the stunting Wheelies.

Instead of GTA, opt for Forza Horizon 4, which puts emphasis on the many types of Wheelie cars. Having got many superb Wheelie cars, such as the VW series, BMW Isetta. Chevy Bel Air, and many other more, makes this game by Turn 10 Studios.  United States-based game developer, gets 96% likes from worldwide audiences.

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