Use The 3D Wheelie Games
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Use The 3D Wheelie Games As Your Motor-Driving Simulator

Use The 3D Wheelie Games As Your Motor-Driving Simulator

Use The 3D Wheelie Games

Use The 3D Wheelie Games As Your Motor-Driving Simulator. When talking about the Wheelie games, we may think about riders driving wheeled multicolor vehicles called Wheelies. In fact, the Wheelie games are not just regular vehicle games that you may find on websites and mobile applications.

The Wheelie games are like the Roblox version of vehicles. That being said, the Wheelie games specialize in giving the top-notch quality vehicle simulator experiences to the users.

In this article, we’ll see how the simulator aspects make the Wheelie games real enough. For us to simulate motor-driving activities, from the beginning of the character creation stage to the after-game Wheelie-fixing parts.

Wheelie Games Are Available in The 2D and 3D Format

Even though the Wheelie games are available in the 2D and 3D format, we strongly advise that you choose the 3D format so your simulator experiences with the Wheelie games will be closer to reality.

This is because the 3D Wheelie games display the Wheelies, riders, and the environment in colors, shapes, effects, and many other more, that are closer to the ones we see every day.

Your 3D Wheelie game simulator experiences start in the character creations. Unlike many 2D versions of the Wheelie games where you only got to choose the riders and the Wheelies, the 3D versions of the Wheelie games let you to see the cc amounts or the Wheelies’ capacities.

Wheelies 360 Degrees

You can even rotate your Wheelies 360 degrees. You don’t only choose the colors and types. Later on as you have more experiences in simulating the motor-driving activities through this game, you also got to choose your Wheelies’ parts and accessories.

Think of these experiences as times when you buy real-world vehicles. As you read on the marketing brochures of the vehicles of your interest. You come to the showrooms to observe the vehicles’ capacities. Colors, types, and many other more.

You also do test-drive on your potential vehicles before deciding to buy it. In the world of 3D Wheelie games, “buying” or “purchasing” the vehicles means putting the Wheelies to the action stages.

Real-World Benchmarks

When your Wheelies are in action, you also see many real-world benchmarks. Here, the benchmarks don’t stop in mere speed and time records that become your best and your current ones.

Instead, you’ll also see things such as speedometers in red, yellow, and green lights. With red diagonal lines as the benchmark to observe your vehicles’ speeds. To make things even closer to reality, some 3D Wheelie games even provide two speedometers for one Wheelie and one rider.

Road blocks, such as fences and other cars, are not only appearing in wider and more voluminous forms as in the real world’s. If you’re not careful, your riders and Wheelies can even crashed to those blocks. Thankfully, apart from the “Game Over” message, there are no real-world. Penalties such as traffic tickets, as this is only a simulation game.

As a simulator to the real-world motor-driving activities, you can fix your Wheelies after your actions on road with the in-game currencies. So, this game is not only exercising on your real-world vehicle capabilities, but also your money management on your automotive products.

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